How long will justice be crucified, and truth bear it? We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. Martin Luther King Junior

Just & Equitable Utilization For Inclusive Collaboration


SISYPHUS is developing an inductive data, code, and method for governmental, professional, and community stakeholders to utilize as an equity counter toolset to confront the pressing issue of climate justice. We plan to scale to other aggregated levels (e.g., local, regional, national, global), and different types of climate crises (e.g., geological, hydrological, meteorological, climatological).


By identifying, enumerating and understanding these underlying climate injustice and inequity causes within New Orleans, we can then distill an effective user journey for climate action to an array of socioeconomic, geographical and historical contexts. We will scale to address the growing humanitarian issue of the vulnerable global south that is disproportionately affected by climate change.


Our team has both diverse expertise and lived experience (e.g., PhDs, Peace Corps, Fulbright, Fellows) from the most climate change vulnerable countries.

Hoang Thai Tao
CEO Founder | PhD ABD
Kanupriya Tiwari
AI & XR Back-end | PhD
Shifat Mithila
Cloud Back-end | PhD ABD
Artne Nguyen
Co-Founder | Health Specialist
Patrick Ken Kalonde
GIS Specialist
Trung Vu
UI Front-end
Oluwatimilehin Odubola
UX Front-end
Kaleb O’Brien
BIM | Designer


Monica Farris
PhD Director of CHART
Jessica Dandridge
ED The Water Collaborative
Jessica Trinca
MBA Global Business


Clinton Global Initiative
Verizon Social Innovation & Forward for Good
VentureWell Pioneer & Propel Innovator
IBM CFC, Code Engine & AI Spot Challenges
On Deck Climate Tech Fellowship
Columbia Tech. Venture Climate Justice
Howard Univ. Envir. Justice Hackathon
MIT Climate Tech & Energy Prize